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ok so my bridge pup is noticeably louder when idle than the neck pickup, and feedsback relentlessly when overdrive is used. as a result I get crazy feedback if I try to use my OD pedals on the bridge pup. its not a ground issue, cause it is fine until overdriven. would shielding the cavity be necessary?

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I'm dealing with same loud HUM on my Hondo II - just replaced muddy pups

for super wound pups. Instantly thought it was ground issue as hum stops when

I touch strings or metal parts on guitar cord. I've rechecked my wiring 3 times,

ALL interconnected no matter WHERE I use as a starting point. My HUM gets worse

as I turn up GAIN on amp, no hum in clean mode or at low gain levels.

Also did the "wiggle wires" bit to look for internal breaks or cold solder joints while


Only 2 options left are to disassemble pups to look for anything unusual,

or to shield all cavities (including pups), then interconnect, then ground all

to back of pot with other grounds. Also shield back side of control cover.

When I touch the strings, I become better ground than what git has in it...?


Hmmmm....Why would my GAIN level increase the HUM?

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