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Ultra II and using a/b/y box


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[blink][biggrin] I purchased a epi ultra II a couple months ago and absolutly love it except that there is a major issue with high e string breakage, my guitar tech as been working on it for weeks and we are about to replace the saddle thing because we are both at a loss. But this is another issue


What i wanted to ask was one of the reasons i bought this guitar is because of the guitar world video as seen here http://www.epiphone.com/news.asp?NewsID=1138

now during this vid paul is using both outputs into a whirlwind selector box and into one amp. During the playback he is going from distorted bliss to shimmering acoustic with a tap of the a/b. This I assume is being done by running humbuckers to effects pedal and then to a/b and the nano directly to a/b. He says this nano would be much better if using 2 amps. How can i use 2 amps and switch this easily from nano acoustic to distortion or combine the two. The a/b/y boxes i have seen are 2 in 1 out or oposite.


thanks for letting me ramble



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Thanks for putting me on track with this pedal. It almost looks perfect. However with closer inspection the input selecter appears to be input one or input 2 there is not a spot that says one and two. Which would mean that I could have the nanomag acoustic pickup going or the humbuckers but not a combination which is still a important part of what makes the ultra II a unique instrument. I plan on calling morley tomorrow and seeing if I can get a definitive answer, just to make sure.


Any other thoughts would be appreciated!



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Sure that would be an option. I was just hoping there was a one footstomp answer for this issue. I would assume epiphone had some setup in mind when they tested the guitar out. Could someone link me the $5 make your own on off switch Musikron is refering to.

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It'll probably cost more than $5, but it's an expression stressing the relative value of building your own. For a simple a>A / b>B switch, you can probably make one from a single DPDT stomp switch, 4 jacks and a box to put them all in.

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I also have an Ultra 2, and have thought about this a bit.

I've got a A-B, or A+B switch to split, or join the signals from the guitar.

I play mostly through an effects board, into a Mixer/PA system so I've got lots of control.


If I had a separate amp for the Nanomag pickup, and wanted to play one or both

at the same time, into separate amps, I would probably just go with 2 simple On/Off switches.

Should be able to get both in one unit.


see link: http://www.behringer.com/EN/Products/AB200.aspx


Run the cord from the Stereo/Nanomag output into one, and the other cord into the other. From each switch into

it's respective amp.

Now you've got the signal split into separate amps. Open whichever switch you want to play one, the other,

or both.

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