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Burke has one and I think Svet has one too. Try PMing them:




Oh and I forgot, I have one too - Doh!




It's a very nice, reasonably priced big ol' jazz box, lots of fun to play. I got it used for $400 and it had one inlay installed upside at the 7th fret. Other than that, it looks, plays, and sounds very nice despite the feed back as a hollowbody will. Other than a thorough cleaning, I've only made one mod - a tune-o-matic bridge, but I didn't really need to - the wooden bridge was fine. It did change the tone, made it more brassy which I'm not wild about. More annoyingy, it made the long strings resonate loudly past the bridge so I put a piece of felt in there. I'm probaby going to change it back to the wooden bridge.


One other thing, you will need extra long strings for the low E. Gibson L-5 strings will do it.


Cheers, Brian



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