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Epiphone Shipping Issues

Chris the Gent

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Does anyone know if Epiphone ship to europe in the same batch?


my problem is that i've had my Jack Casady bass for around 3 months without the case, that i ordered at the same time.


every time i call the dealer i get the same answer that they cant give me a date, and this seems to be the same all over europe, I foud out the Thomann may have them in as of 13th november (thanks Paruwi).


My question is, will my local dealer get their order around the same time? I have a decent raport with my dealer and he has gave me great deals in the past, so i'd ideally like to buy from him, however, i cant wait forever, gigging my bass in a box :-, waiting and waiting. Should i just buy from Thomann and be happy?


- Chris,

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It depends on whether your dealer puts in an order for the same stock as Thomann.


Large dealers tend to get preferential treatment from manufacturers, especially if they pay their bills on time.


If I were you, I'd just get it from whoever can get it to you fastest.


Running around town with a nice new Casady in a box is no good.

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