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Epiphone Firebird VII pickups


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Hello twinny




That's mine. Where was yours made, and what year? Mine has Grover tuners, but yours appears to have something different. I like the keystone tuners on it. That's what's shown in the Epiphone press image.


*Waits for Bender to chime in with his 'Bird*

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Unsung Korea 2002. The tuners appear to be the generic import type that everybody used before they started using the Grovers. Stays in tune even using the trem. The previous owner had it strung with roundwound 12's with a wound 3rd. I put a set of tens on it and set the intonation and it plays beautifully. I figured I would need to adjust the truss rod but it has the perfect relief as is. Best $200 I ever spent!

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gfs: http://store.guitarfetish.com/mibiclcohugo.html


well the magnets are ceramic but very small. they are vintage in sound 7/8k. they are pretty good all in all. deffo unique. i need to get the iron out again and fix them up. (in my g400.)


the artec neck is a 9k, 2 wire the bridge is around 15k. they are in a strat. i may go for 3 mini's in a strat! i can't stretch to firebird atm. the neck is spot on for tone, the bridge has a little too much gain.


these are the artec's:




i have number 2 and 3. the 8.3k quote is wrong the "diesal mini mak" rip off is15k.



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