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Played a Sheraton II Today


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last night I was practicing the music for today when about 9:30 pm my newly installed switch goes bad. I got nothing but my bridge pickup. Oh man! I rush to my buddies house to see if we can figure it out and fix it...Nope it looks like I got a bad switch!


SOOOOOOO he hands me his Epiphone Sheraton II. Boy is this thing fun to play not to mention really hot to look at. It plays great although seems a little top heavy since the hollow body is much lighter than my Les Paul. Other than that first service went pretty well. I'm really rusty since I haven't played a guitar in nearly three weeks.......Hey it's the rut, and I've been spending lots of time in a tree.


Now I'm on the hunt for a Sheraton.


Here's a thought. Do any of you think the Sheraton would be a good candidate for my Pearly Gates and coil tapping?

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