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I just picked up a Wildkat-LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can anyone who has a Wildkat give any info about what strings they are using in regards to blues? Mine has 11's on it and I just got a few sets of DR Pure Blues 11-50's. I am running through a Epiphone Blues Custom 30 amp. Sounds AWESOME. Yesterday I decided to try some of my pedals. The Tubescreamer is nice, Boss SD-1 "Bad to the BONE", I also tried my Marshall Bluesbreaker II, NICE. Has anyone had any experience with the BOSS Fender '59 Bassman FBM-1 pedal. I went to their website and heard a demo,AWESOME SOUND!!!! Any info would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks..:)




My Guitars: Epiphone Wildkat

PRS SE Custom

Squier Standard Strat modded with

Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates Plus Humbucker,

Lindy Fralin Blues Special Single Coils




My Amps: Epiphone Blues Custom 30

Line 6 Spider III 75 Watt


My Toys: Boss SD-1

Ibanez TS9DX Tubescreamer

Marshall Bluesbreaker II

Crybaby Wah-Wah

Digitech Metal Master Heavy Metal Distortion

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I have a Wildkat and I don't use anything above 10-46 because heavy strings annoy me and I think they're highly overrated. I also don't really value sustain much, if I want to hear a note go on for longer I can just hit it again if I have to.


I don't play blues these days but when I was in a blues band many years ago I used a Fender USA Strat Plus. I was never completely happy with it, and trading it for the Wildkat and some amp gear is a move I've never regretted. I do teach blues guitar a lot though, and the Wildkat makes blues a no-brainer if you ask me, I dare say it would be almost impossible NOT to get a good blues tone of some sort out of it if you're a reasonably competent player.


People use pedals for blues? Crybaby wah maybe but you don't need anything else if your amp is good.

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Congrats on the new guitar man! Enjoy her and play her as much as possible!


Pedals is a tricky question, since you do not specify budget and there is a HUGE market out there... Generally speaking, for blues / rock / hard rock, I don't think you can go wrong with one of the following:


M.I. Audio Blues Pro

Digitech Bad Monkey

Digitech Hardwire CM-2


Ibanez TS-9 / TS-808 (or the equivalents from Maxon)

Fulltone OCD

CMATMODS Signa Drive / Butah

Gearmanndude Luther Drive



and I'm sure I'm leaving others out of the picture... Good luck deciding!

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