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Clamps off the SG with the brocken neck

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my fix was not perfect as the break was horrible. i actually think wrapping tightly with tape is better than clamping with this kind of break. i used that fix on a body where i didn't have a big clamp, like i do now. is was so simple and cheap... you really can get a good even pressure like that. i took off the nitro and sanded it even. epoxy is a great filler!

if you take off the finish i'd recommend a tru oil finish.

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Hello All.


I have now sanded down the neck, re-fitted the machine heads and nut. I will re-string it tomorrow night and make sure the head stock dose not come flying off in my hand, before I finish the back of the neck. If all is well I will post new pics.

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hello All.


The strings are back on the guitar and the head stock has not fallen off yet. It tuned up o.k. but the intonation is all to cock as you would expect. I will sort out the tuning and intonation tomorrow then try to finish the back of the neck on Saturday.


Pics to follow soon.

Thank all for you interest in this project.

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