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Does Epiphone Make...?


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I don't think they do currently, but back in the 60's some Gibson and Epi twelve strings had pinless bridges. Here's an Epiphone Bard with one (pic from eBay):




I don't know if they were ever offered on 6-strings, but in the mid sixties you could get a 12-string with either a pinless bridge, a pinned bridge, or a trapeze tailpiece. Opinions vary about which was best...

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I have a Breedlove with a pinless bridge. I really like the guitar, but I am not a big fan of the pinless bridge. String changing is challenging. I also prefre the look of the more traditional pinned brigde.


I was going to buy an Epi EJ200CE, but ended up spending a bit more on the Breedlove due primarily to the quality of the pickup sound. The built in Baggs pickup in the Breedlove C25 is fantastic.


While I am a very pleased Epi electric owner (Sheraton Elitist) I have not regretted the Breedlove purchase at all.

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