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Epi Dove vs Humming Bird

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This is a question better suited for the Acoustic forum. However...


I do believe the Dove has a laminate top, whilst the Hummingbird is a solid top, which is generally better. I've played a Hummingbird, and it was beautifully finished. The neck profile was easy to get used to. I'd probabl liken it to a Les Paul or something. And they do sound really great, a very nice tone.


I'm not really an expert on acoustics though, so hopefully some others will chime in for you with some better detail.

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No. My Dove has a solid top.

They both do.

the dove is reportedly brighter, due to the maple but I don't notice much of that.. certainly not enough to stop me from choosing it.

The neck is fast for an acoustic. Nothing odd about the shape or size of it at all.

having played them at guitar denter I went with sweetwater and got the dove.. the price was better, the guitar is several months old now and still excellent.

I swapped out the nut for tusq.. made an audible improvement.

I can certainly go from my epi lp to the dove with no complaint at all about the neck..


It warmed up a bit from being played.. but that was just because it's new, that actually takes some years for the best tone to come out.

I have no doubt it will hold up.

and purty!






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You are correct, they are both quoted as having a solid spruce top. My mistake. Good lookin' dove that one of yours. The tusq nuts are pretty excellent. I had the XL one you sent me installed on my SG recently, definite improvement, so much more clarity, and it sounds somehow crunchier. I like it.

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Apart from the cosmetic differences, they are very similar guitars.

They both have solid spruce tops.

The Dove has a maple back & sides, the Hummingbird has a mahogany back & sides.


I own both (96 Hummingbird, 08 Dove) and favour the Hummingbird (only just!)

The Hummingbird has a warmer tone due to the mahogany back & sides emphasising the bass and treble.

The Dove tends to be louder and has a brighter tone.


Both have 'V' shape necks which are very comfortable to play.


You should try and play both at your local store.





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