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Epiphone SG G310 - Buzzing 1st fret


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So i recently invested in a new electric got the g310, but got one big major problem with it the when i fret the strings at the first fret i get buzzing no matter how hard i push.


I've found out its because the strings dont clear the second fret specially the high E.


I can clearly see it touching the 2nd fret and same goes for the low E.


What do i need to do to sort it?


Read somewhere probably the truss rod needs adjusting most likely


or the second fret may be too high.


What do you guys think could most likely be the issue?


Edit: i get slight buzzing when fretted at 2/3rd very slight no major buzzing anywhere else on guitar

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If its the 2nd fret, and ONLY the 2nd fret buzzing, then its probably a high fret. If other frets are buzzing also, you may need a little relief in the neck. You can probably treat the symptoms by letting the neck out enough to clear the 2nd fret, but that doesnt really fix the problem.


I'll let someone more qualified give you advice on high frets. I have no problem hacking up my own gits, but I probably shouldnt give advice on it yet.

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The whole purpose of a good set up is to get the action as low as possible without major buzzing any

where on the fretboard.

There are a few things that could be the problem with your guitar.


1. Bridge too low. Great for the action on the upper frets, but not good for lower frets.

It is common to have a tiny bit of buzz on the Bass E on the lower 2 or 3 frets even after a professional setup.

Especially if you are playing with a lot of energy.


2. Neck does not have enough relief.


3. Nut grooves filed too low.


If you don't know what you're doing take it to a reliable tech.

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Guest icantbuyafender

raise your tailpiece about a 1cm. I find heavier strings help.....


Raise the bridge a hair's width.


Youll need to reset your intonation, of course.


If this does not work, Try tighttening the truss rod a quarter turn.


if all else fails, Get that 2nd fret filed down a bit. Maybe even the 3rd fret just to be safe.


Best Solution----> TAKE IT TO A TECH!

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I had a look on inet using credit card to test the level of the frets, they all seem to be level, but i did a test to have a look at the relief hold string down at first fret and fret where neck meets body and my strings fall completely flat, said somewhere this signifies a lack of relief in the neck.


I'll give adjusting my truss rod slightly a go, but it could also be the nut like you guys said being filed too low, in which case how would i handle that?

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For a nut that has been filed too low, there is a couple of solutions.

The best is to have a new nut installed.

The other is a trick that was taught to me by a tech that only works if the nut is white,

and should only be used if the problem involves one string. I would say from the

description you gave, that this would not be the solution.


Tape off the neck and headstock around the nut with low tack masking tape.

Remove the strings.

Fill the nut groove with baking soda.

Place a drop of thin superglue in the groove. You can see the glue and soda react with each other.

It fills the groove. Let it harden overnight.

You then need to file the groove back into the nut.


I REPEAT. This is not a viable solution for a whole nut repair!! You also need nut files.

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