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New Nut for Joe Pass


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Has anyone replaced a nut on a Joe Pass Emperor II?


I want a pre slotted something like the


Graph Tech Trem-Nut 1/4" for Epiphone


I have found printed that it is suitable for a Epiphone Sheraton but no mention of the Joe Pass


both the Sheraton and Joe Pass have a nut size of 1.68"


so would this nut be suitable for a Joe Pass? Just want to be sure.

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It would probably fit as well as any pre slotted nut, maybe better than most, maybe not. Wishy washy. Factory nuts suck even worse on da eppies. That's the first thing I do, rip off da nut and slap a bone on there.

How handy are you? If the answer is "not very handy", then you're better off supporting your local repairman. A custom made nut tailored to your guitar and playing style makes a guitar shine. One of those,"don't know what your missing" things, once you have a perfect nut, you won't go back. You just can't get a good fit unless someone does the work.

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Hi Musikron


I am handy and meticulous, lots of patience.


Live out in the countryside of Sweden and the one guitar store in our local town, I would not trust them with the job.


Have never set a nut before.


Also, I do not have any fine tools.


Maybe I should invest, what would be the basic tools I would need:


Nut files

Various grades of sandpaper

Feeler gauges

Quality adhesive, hide glue or something similar.


Also you seem to be saying bone is best.


Can you get black bone nuts?


I want to keep to the same colour as the original if possible.


Found the link below on the net, I am going to research, get some tools, and get this job done.


"Replacing a nut"

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Can't get black bone to my knowledge, tusq makes a black blank though. I recommend un bleached or "vintage" bone.

You will need a set of gauged nut files, home made or bought. A pencil, tite-bond glue (elmers will work, you want to use as little adhesive as possible, dilute 1part glue 2 parts water and use that.) Perhaps a small saw, and a bastard file.

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