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Anyone have any experience with the Performer ME or SE?


There aren't any in stock at the guitar center or music & arts locations near me to try out. I had been thinking about a Masterbilt, but the Performer is a little less expensive and a little smaller, which would be more comfortable for me. Plus I love the finish on the ME.


I know the top is laminate, which immediately makes me hesitant. I think the Epiphone describes it as a "highly figured maple top." But I do like the esonic2, which is also on the Masterbilt electrics.


I'm mostly a strummer and the primary usage would be plugged into a small PA doing coffee house type stuff. Possibly used as a rhythm guitar in a full band at some point.


Any help or thoughts are appreciated. And thanks to all the regulars on this forum who help out the newer people.

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Hi -


I own a DR500M, and have recently played the Performer series at a local store, where a AJ500ME was also available at the time. After playing both, I didn't think the Performer was even close to the AJ (there is a DR500ME, also). For a few more dollars in the relative purchase price between the two models, the AJ or DR are much better instruments, period. The Performer series sounded and played like an entry-level guitar, whereas the AJ (or DR) are the premium grade in sound, build and playablity.


I am also strummer and rhythm guitar player when I play with others, so I understand your perceived need. I do not need a cut-away model, but I can manage "I Feel Fine" and "Here Comes the Sun" quite well on the DR500. Have you considered the EJ-160? Sweetwater is a good source for Epiphone acoustics, and they will set-up as well. Hope this helps.



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I'm looking at an ME too but I've only ever seen the SE in stores. The SE (which has a solid spruce top) plays beautifully and sounds great, as good as guitars twice the price. Also it looks pretty which is important. The Performers are smaller than a Dread but not super small, certainly deep enough to get a decent sound happening. I'm not sure how much difference the ME's laminated maple top would make, I'm guessing not a great deal.


I wouldn't touch the DR-500 or EJ-160 with a ten foot pole regarless of how they sound simply because I don't like that style of acoustic, they are bulky and fugly if you ask me. Sound quality is always worth compromising for comfort, playability and looking like teh sexxx.

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