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The 'artist' series.... Are they any good?


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I wanted to ask if anyone had some good expierience with the Epiphone Artist Hummingbird? I need an acoustic but I don't have much cash so I was thinking of giving one a try..... But I can't find any round where I live...


So I need some help, are they good? Quality/Sound-wise?






Johnny McZ



Here some eyecandy just to make things more interesting...





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I played one at GC and thought it was nicer than the regular Hummingbird they had....but it was a dog with dead strings. The fit and finish was on par with a $250 dollar guitar....if I didn't already have 3 acoustics' date=' I would get one.....[/quote']





Looking for feedback I had the same experience. Played one at GC while buying strings and just had to try the Orange one they had hanging on the wall.


The action was a mile high, but it had a good tone to it. I picked up the 2 standard Epiphone HBs they had on the wall too and they are just like all the rest I have played........dead and cardboard sounding.


The Artist was a real nice guitar for the price, $249 for the orange one ,and well worth it over the stock HB that goes for $349.


Wood grain on the top was nice and tight, and good finish and trim minus the thing needing a good set up.


I can't say all are the same as the one over at the GC in Villa Park IL, but that one is a better deal at $100 less and I am betting with a good set-up a really nice guitar for $249.



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The thing I don't get and that irritates the sh---- out of me is' date=' why is the 'normal' hummingbird more expensive when it's a fact (and I've tried out the regular one too) that it sounds like a dead cat....


I'd definitely buy the cherry sunburst one.... It's just magnificent-looking... =) [/quote']


Yeah I don't get it either, but Epiphone does seem to be doing some nice LE edtion stuff that is nicer than the stock stuff so I guess get it while you can.


It may be that the HBA I played comes from the EE plant and they do the Masterbuilts there so have the "good" wood pile to pick from.


I have played MIK, MIC, and MII stock HBs though and I have never found one that souned like anything I would even think of buying at any price.



By the way the one the HBA hanging at the GC in Villa Park now has the Orange or Cherry one done in a nice burst type finsh = darker on the edges and lighter in the middle. The ones I have seen on line just all seem the same color across the top.


If I did not own a real Gibson HBA, I would have bought it at $249 it is a no brainer if you want one.



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Just for the record' date=' my H'bird sounds great. I gave it a bone nut and saddle, slapped on some Elixir Phos/Bronze Nano 12's and it sings!

Maybe I got lucky?!?!?






Like most Epiphone's and many guitars you have to play a lot and find the one you like.


I have picked up the HBs at the stores through the years and never thought much of them. I have never wanted one or looked so I'm sure there are great ones being made. I don't play them every time I am at the stores so I can't say.


I just know that when I saw the HBA at GC I had to pick it up and try it. I was shocked it had such a nice tone. To compare and see if my past opinion was wrong I picked up the 2 stock HBs they had on the wall and they were the same as all the rest I have tried.


Part of the guitar thing for me is finding the one great one in the pile of oks and not so greats, so congrats on yours and enjoy it!

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