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It's official! HNGD for me too!!!


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I posted the auction pics of the IBJL Casino I won on 'the Bay a week ago but it finally arrived today. Wow, this baby's mint. Definitely more "solid"?? than the stock Chinese Nat. Casino I played at the music store before I got it. I know it's close to a stock one with better hardware but the extra wood (5 ply all around) I think makes a difference. No finish overruns, binding is all perfect and the sound is tone for years, I really wasn't sure what to expect but wow and the switch in mid running crunchy rhythm through my Blues Jr. is awesome...anyways, here she is at home with me now...









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Well, like I said, it's got tone for years...I played my strat with GFS lil killer's in it and a/b'd the two back and forth and I think it's confirmed what I'd always thought, I hate the lil killers. They make a

guitar sound but no character. I have a Robert Cray custom strat in the neck position and it has some clean deep body to it but overall next to the casino, it pales...a lot. I always though my Blues Jr was "okay" but now it sounds like a guitar rig with the casino plugged in...

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Great buy mamm,my JL Casino is the most comfortable and easiest on the hands of any guitar I've ever played.I'm sure you'll never part with it.I have a MIC natural also and the JL is a lot superior in every way even though the MIC is a fine guitar.


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