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Loss of volume-70's Yamaha 112 amp


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A friend owns a Yamaha 112 (I believe the actual model name is Yamaha 30-112) from the late Seventies, blackface combo, solid state, volume, treble, mid, bass, bright, distortion and reverb controls. High and low inputs. It has developed a volume issue. Little or no volume until control is turned full up and then it is not clear but a low, distorted, farty sound. The harder the attack on the strings, the louder the sound but nothing approaching normal. It will, on occasion, burst back on at full volume, then remain "normal" for a limited time. Thinking the problem might be corrosion related, I sprayed contact cleaner into both inputs with no results. Neither he nor I are knowledgeable, amp tech-wise. Any ideas as to what the problem might be and how to possibly rectify it?


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