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anyone do me a favor.. sg full size guard trace?


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A guy wants me to build him a new pickguard..

but I don't have a trace for the SG large style pickguard he has.

Can't find one anywhere!

I'd be willing to trade you something for tracing yours out..


it's a 66RI Epi SG


Send me the actual guard.. and I'll send you back it and a new one

IN PEARL color of your choice.. for 2.00 plus actual shipping.


send me a good accurate trace.. and I'll send you back a

plain color for actual shipping only!


The dude needs a TWANG model!


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Not sure whether the Terrapin one for a full size pickguard on an SG is the same as the '66 SG, but it can't hurt to print it out and see. Might save yourself some work. And you know it's going to be accurate.




I used that one to have the full size guard made for my G400, which is just a standard G400 and had the small '61 style guard, and it fits damn near spot on.


And it looks pretty good if I do say so myself.


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