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I need some advice...


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So my b-day is coming up and my dad asked me what i wanted this year. I have been looking around for a while now and broke down and got a silver creek t-160, which is a dud and i will be sending back for a refund (bought prior dad telling me he'll get me a new g'tar)-the saddle was completely a mess and the G tuner cant tune the string up to pitch-it pops and skips then down tunes?....anyway its going back and im now sticking with "bigger" named manufactures-which brings us back to Epiphone... I have been thinking about the EL-00, cuz i want a smaller bodied finger picker/strummer for smaller sessions and to cut through the mix when paired with a dread when my buddies and i jam... but in my journey i have come to a small list to choose from and it doesnt include all small bodied instruments-I know i want to finger pick more yet still be able to have some rythem ability.


So please give me some insight and let me know which one you think i should get.


My background is mostly acoustic rock/60's/90's anything and everything that you can re-arrange and play acoustically, folk/blues/jazz...you know the rest...just look at the guitars and stuff i own, hopefully it paints a musical image of my "style"...hahaha-anyway


here's the list:








the silver creek t-160 that i got-such a dissapointment it wasnt even worth exchanging for fear of getting another bad one:


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I'm not sure what you're going for here... are you interested in another Auditorium style acoustic?


The Epiphone Masterbuilt guitars are fine instruments. You might consider them.


On a side note, I have been impressed with Wechter acoustic guitars. They may be a little higher in price than some of the equipment on your list, but none the less, good guitars.


I hope this helps. Good luck in your search.



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Right now im leaning more towards the Dean or the New Yorker unless the EL-00 is better.


My d100dl looks to much like the 12'er on my list and i dont think it would really add that much to my family of instruments sound wise. so im really not sure if this one should stay in the running-though washburn does make some decent laminated dreads and this one has a solid top...


My EPi indonesian made H-bird is still singing pretty (any info on the indonesian plants for these yet?)and my Ibby EW is still one of the largest (physically) guitars i have ever played that whispers when tickled yet still has a very unique bell-like twang with the most even percussive thump that again wont wake the neighbors. truly an odd ball...but it cant really be played while jamming unless im plugged-so ya know a jumbo will be in my future at some point! hahaha...


its amazing how addicting guitar shopping can be!!!!



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have you heard anything good about the ibanez sgt110? its a lam. but it looks nice-sweet vintage style-



hmmmmm the quarky banjitar...the fancy little ny'er...or the epi blues king copy that know one really talks about...i here taks' are good, hated them for a while but now for some reason this little guy appeals to me...is the back solid on the tak ya think or lam.?

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