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They should do what they do with the product it's inspired by and bury it.That same body shape was used by another maker (Charvel I believe) years ago so it is by no means an original creation by Zak Wilde.


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Ahhhh, thank you for finding that, Paruwi6172! I had a copy SOMEWHERE

in my files... Actually, that guitar would be an excellent on stage choice for

Country Music, , Christian Rock, perhaps Celine Dion's back up band?

Yeah, right...... Death-Metal Country?

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I hate the "coffin" guitar though' date=' and I LIKE weird guitars. Good idea, I just don't like the execution (pardon the pun). With a redesigned body it might work.[/quote']

More like this?




Or the full monty like this:




This one has a pretty nice body shape:


(The guitar is ugly tho....)

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