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Hey' date='


i just want to know your views on the Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus model, how are the pickups? the neck? the tuners?


What are your personal views on this guitar...


be they good or bad please post you views






Hi Larsson,


The Epi LP standard plus is a guitar that is difficult to take your eyes off. It also looks very very close to the Gibson version. Mine has a wonderfully fat and resonant unplugged tone, better than the few Gibson LPs I've had my hands on. As for tuners/tuning my Epi LP stays in tune much better than my Gibson SG faded, despite it only having a plastic nut. The grover tuners are excellent too.


However, of my 5 electrics it's probably the least playable (neckwise) having to compete with the likes of my SG faded and my Charvel SD1 USA pro. The neck is the one thing about the guitar that I would like to be better. Raising the tailpiece has helped a lot but it still doesn't play as nicely as my SG which has a lightening fast, very forgiving feel to it. I'm thinking that a fret dress could be the next step, although the action is already quite low with little buzz so I'm not sure whether this would actually improve playability or is warranted. Maybe it's the width, the thickness and the poly finish of the neck which makes things more difficult for me personally, as my Gibby and Charvel both have thicker necks which are non-glossy.


IMO the stock EPI pups don't sound good at all through processors and SS state amps whereas these cheaper amps sound great with the SG and Charvel and their Gibson & Seymour Duncan pups respectively. However, through my Peavey valve amp the stock EPI pups sound much much nicer and you can begin to get responsivity through your playing style, and with control changes (although the pups do still sound a bit muffled). If I was happier with the neck I would change the pups to Gibsons or SDs. Maybe I'm expecting too much and shouldn't be comparing the playability of a LP with that of an SG or a Charvel. Don't get me wrong the LP does still play well and play quickly. I also really like the feel of a Les Paul strapped across the shoulder. There's something about that part that I can't explain.


I think I said in your last thread to consider the new limited edition 1959 and Tribute models as they have Gibby pups and a different neck profile each. If you found a resonant one that plays like butter there'd be no need to even think about Gibson.



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I'll say this:


most responses will be:


nice neck.

good tuners.

decent pickups, but often upgraded.


epis struck a winner with the standard and the standard plus..


they are very close to gibson les pauls in all the important areas, and have a very good reputation for being well made, stable,

playable and good looking.


The pickups satisfy many with no changes at all.



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I have 5 Epi Lps. Quality showed some variety from good to bad. The base quality is such you(or a luthier) can make it a great guitar. Love the '60-ish necks. Pickups and electronics are the weak point on the Epis IMO but acceptable for a budget guitar I suppose. My LP Plus model was flawless, and in fact resurrected my interest in guitar after years of non-playing.

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