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HNAD - Laney CUB10!


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This arrived on my doorstep this morning. I posted about it a while back, but nobody responded, so I'll offer my review. I'm quite pleased with it. It sounds excellent, and I'm sure it will only get better once the tubes and speaker are broken in properly. It reminds me a fair bit of the Orange Tiny Terror actually. It has similar controls and it sounds quite similar too. The Tiny Terror breaks up earlier, but the little Laney has the same kind of fuzz and airyness to it as the TT. It really is an open back cabinet too. There's just a metal mesh covering the whole back of it, hence the airyness I guess. It projects the sound well because of this though, and I imagine it'll sound great in a bigger room. I've only been able to try it out in my bedroom so far. Sounds infinitely better than the Valve Junior I had.


It's about the same size as a Valve Junior, maybe a little taller as it has a 10" speaker vs. the VJ's 8". Looks great. I like the aesymmetrical grille on the front, gives it that cool vintage vibe that the VJ has too. I prefer the position of the control panel on this though, on top as opposed to the front like the VJ. Seems to sound good with all pickups, it overdrives a Strat single coil nicely, keeps the cleanness of P90s, and also their bite when driven, and it's super loud with humbuckers pushing it. The Hi and Lo jacks are a good feature, as you can plug it into the Lo jack for clean stuff, or small amounts of drive, whilst the Hi jack is better for more gain.


Basic specs are 10W, featuring a 10" Celestion speaker, 2 12AX7 preamp tubes, and 2 6V6GT power tubes. Proper push pull configuration like big tube amps, not single ended. Cool stuff. It's also well made. The handle is sturdy, the pots are smooth, not at all scratchy, the switch and jacks all feel solid and click nicely. The covering is also really neat. Despite that, it's really light, Laney says just 8kg. So you can pretty much lift it and move it around with your little finger. Does get a slight hum when turned up loud, but nothing annoying, and probably nothing more than typical tube amp hum.


As far as little practice amps go, this is excellent value for money in my opinion. Blows the VJ out of the water, and is similarly priced, and although it doesn't have quite as many controls as a BlackHeart or BlackStar, it's definitely worth considering as it's a fair bit less expensive, and might just fit your needs without forking out all that extra coin. Certainly works for me.


Now for some pics.







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Thank you, sir! I've been playing her some more, for about the last 45 minutes or so, and she sounds great, I'm finding those sweet settings. Should have her broken in in no time, especially if I noodle away with some blues on the porch whilst having a few drinks tonight. Man I love Fridays!


I'm tellin' ya, this little amp is great value, and I can see them being popular among modders should they get their hands on them.

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