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It may sound better or it may sound worse, but it would definitely keep the heat trapped inside your amp and that could be bad for component and tube life. Consider the fact that even resistor values will drift off spec with higher temperatures. Also consider that some of the more thoughtful amp manufacturers put cooling vents in their cab, and some include fans in their designs to help keep cool the tubes and get the heat out.



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I have done this, one of my valve combos has a hinged back fitted to protect in transport.


It does indeed 'tighten' the sound but it does not make it any louder, if anything it swallows the sound whereas when allowed out of the back it can reflect off of a wall and fill the room (a bit of a failed experiment with this one). It sounds, er, 'boxy'. You can however use an 'inferior' speaker in a closed cab because they seem to hide defects, most 2x12 cabs are closed.


When closed, it does make the amp run very hot, and even solid state need to be cooled.


Some combos are closed back by design e.g. Vox AD30 (VT30), Roland Cubes, PV Microbass.

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