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Can someone Help me out here... Epiphone Gibson Bass...


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I have a Epiphone Gibson Bass, I have no idea what it is worth, it looks more like a fender, it has that classic Jazz long sleek style.

Maple body, 4 string, 20 fret, creamy white maple neck, made in Korea, so I am guessing it was made in the late 80's maybe 90's Any ideas?


I have researched this bass - can not find a single Epiphone bass that looks like it - it looks exactly like the Fender body serial #14040665

appreciate any feedback I can get!


you can email me also at doitwithxooma@gmail.com

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Hi Ellen


From your description (maple body/maple neck) it sounds like a Ripper bass which was a bit Fender-ish but had a fixed neck rather than a bolt on. However, there were others which were more obviously Fender inspired.

Epiphone did an "Accu-Bass" which was pretty much a Precision type bass with the "Bat Wing" headstock and a "Rock Bass" which was like a Jazz Bass, again with the "Bat Wing" headstock. Later they did an "Embassy Special" and an "Embassy Standard" which again were based on the Precision and Jazz respectively but actually look more like Aria basses with a Fender type headstock. (Note that this Embassy should not be confused with the 60's model of the same name which looks more like an Epiphone Wilshire/Crestwood etc.) If you Google images of those it might help to identify it but I'm pretty sure Epiphone will have made more basses than that. Like Brianh says above post some pictures.

Oh yeah, the guitar dater project says (from the serial number you've given) that your bass was made in April 2014 production number 0665 which will make it one of the rarest guitars ever.



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