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Epi Les Paul Jr with full scale neck & half-sized body?


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I just purchased a Les Paul Jr on ebay and it has a full scale (24 3/4") neck but only a half-size body. Single pickup, volume, tone and wrap around stop tailpiece. Has anyone seen one of these? I've tried to find info on it but no go. It's not one of those "peewee" guitars.

Here's the link to look at it.


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Guest icantbuyafender

is it noticeably half sized?


I think the LP jrs that were part of those starter packs came out a little off.


They were super lightweight, nearly hollow plastic feeling.


pictures and a comparison side by side with another LP would be good.

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its an express for sure.


Oddly enough those bodies were also used on some LP Jr starter packs.


Thanks for the help everyone. I agree and I'm guessing that it's some variation of the Express (tailpiece is different, at least from what the epiphone site shows). Guess I'll know for sure when it gets here!

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I've received a reply back from Gibson on this guitar, here is a quote from the email;


"This is a 1998 Epiphone E-5 ¾ model. This model was available for a period of time in the mid-late 1990s- based on the Les Paul Special- and is now replaced with the Les Paul PeeWee model (an even smaller model). Unfortunately, we don’t have any spec sheets archived for this model."


So there it is! It's an "E-5" 3/4, which I've never heard of and the only info I can find on it is 3 reviews on Harmony Central:




I still haven't figured out where it was made. The serial Number is: G98081882

Any ideas?


Thanks to everyone for their input!

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