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Sheraton nut replacement


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Hello all, I'm a new poster, but a loyal reader to the forums.


I have a minor question regarding the nut replacement I just put on my 2005 Sherri.


First of all, I consider my self a (very) amateur luthier, as I have read Erlewine's 'Bible' multiple times, and have built/assembled a partscaster.


Back to the point, I replaced the nut on my Sheraton with a stock graphtech epiphone replacement nut:



However, I am getting a very slight sitar-ish buzz on the OPEN D & G strings. The buzz only occurs when the strings are played open. Is this because the stock filing on the nut is too big for the gauge strings (I play on standard set of .10s), or do I need to pour some pencil shavings into the slots? Any advice would be appreciated.


Other than that, the swap was cake. I popped out the old nut, sanded out the slot (which took about 30 seconds) and put the new one in. It was a perfect fit, and after I put the truss rod cover back on, it felt nice and snug.


Also, one other question, just out of curiosity: What material is the stock nut on the Sherris? Micarta? It's a weird tan-ish color and felt a lot softer than the bone.


Thanks to all, hope to here from you soon.

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if the nut slot is deep..it doesn't have to be.

only a little over 1/2 the string needs to be in the slot..

sometimes filing a bit off the top will prevent the string from wobbling in the slot.

both are wound strings so that's a good bet.

another thing is the leading edge of the nut slot.. toward the frets.

should be crisp sharp a real ledge that lets the string break away clean.. not a slope.


take some off the top first if it's deep slots.


I always put pencil lead in the slots.


I dunno what the sheris use stock.

I call it


Tusq nut will make it sing.

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I'm with Muzikron on this one. You're always better to start with a blank,

and slowly work down to the proper height. Just a few thousandths will make

a huge difference.

If the grooves on these strings are not too low, and it is not buzzing on the

fret, check the tuners. Are they nice and tight. Sometimes a loose nut or even a

tuning peg will cause a buzz.

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You can always shim the nut if you HAVE to.

Just take some string packages, saturate with superglue and attach to the bottom of the nut, repeat untill you have the height needed. Then trim away the excess, color with a marker to match nut material and replace the nut. Then carefully slot the nut being sure not to go too deep with the slots.

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Alright, I filled the slots with graphite and it seems to be helping a little bit, still stretching out the new strings.


I plan on adding some Grover Deluxe Keystones and Lollar Imperial pickups soon, picks/sound bites to come.


Thanks for all your help!

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