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Seven hours surgery and patient is singing like a bird...:-)


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Wasted no time.




I received my new assembly and Duncans for Joe Pass yesterday.


So when the kids were in bed I set to work.


I have never modified a guitar before and it has left me with a tremendous feeling of achievement.


It took a lot of hours, and it is frustrating and nerve wracking, at times I thought I was not going to make it.


The toughest part was making the holes big enough for the new US assembly.


Once that problem was overcome, then came the feeding of all the giblets through the bridge P_up cavity.


Got all my strings in a tangle the first time, but had a cup of coffee and a good think, and redone it, with a little more planning, and a little tweak on the size of the holes, and there it was done.


The solderless option my supplier had sorted for me worked fine.


Had to wait till this morning when the wife had gone to work and kids were in kindergarten to plug the Joe Pass into my Valveking 112.


Wow what a difference. The volume and tone knobs now actually do what they are supposed to do.


The Duncan Jazz sh-2 in the neck sounds great.


But the biggest shock for me (I play mostly blues and jazz oriented stuff), is the Duncan JB sh-4 in the bridge position. I hardly ever used the stock bridge because it didn't do anything for me at all, but I am getting some lovely bluesy tones out of this new bridge P_up.


I have done it..., been planning this for a while and now I am over the moon.......:-)


I have found a place in Stockholm that will Plek the guitar and throw on a bone nut, then my total outlay on this second hand Samick guitar, with top quality wiring and Duncan P_ups will be the same as what a new Indonesian or Chinese made Joe Pass would cost in Sweden.


I am well happy.

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Don't want a monster, just an average guitar, for an average price, which is where I am getting to.


To sum up the way the guitar was before the refit.


I am thinking of using the old stock P_ups and assembly to make a child size guitar for my son Leon, he's one year old now, when he gets to five, I want him to have his own mini sized guitar, with these parts in.


I am very much into re-cycling.


Does anyone know where I could get a kids size guitar body and neck I could throw the old assembly and P_ups into. That would be fun...:-)

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