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"Dad's ol guitar"


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I inherited a guitar from my father about seven years ago, I've always like it, it sounds beautiful even though it doesn't look like new I'll see about posting some pics later, and I'll have more info, but I know it is a 1972 Epiphone Cortez FT-135 it does have the E on the pick guard and the floral design around the hole, I'll have to check on the numbers but it does still have the blue tag inside the hole but is hard to read if I remember, I play it occasionally and love it! was wondering if anyone new about it I haven't been able to find much on the net, I know it was made in japan too, I was looking for general info and the value

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$75 to possibly $150.00, seems to be "normal" for those, depending on condition, and who's selling them.

I'm sure (to you) it has WAY more "sentimental" value, than that. And..if it plays well, and sounds good/great,

that's all that really counts.


Japanese "bolt on neck" acoustics, aren't really that "valuable" monetarily. But, that doesn't mean

it isn't a good guitar.




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