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Some further comments on my Wilshire re-issue


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I've had the Wilshire almost a month now and my overall impression is still the same. It's a good guitar with a few cosmetic issues, however....

I decided to put some new strings on as the original strings were heavier than I like and badly installed (why does Epiphone supply a nice sheet showing how to install strings properly and then not do it like that?).

Having buffed up the frets with some metal polish I couldn't resist taking off the scratchplate to see what was underneath, and to tighten the selector switch which had a tendancy to swivel a bit. The rout under the pickguard was nicely done and clean, I was very happy not to find piles of sawdust left in there, but it did seem a little wide for the few wires it had to carry. Still, that makes it almost semi-acoustic right? and it may be that the original was the same. The pots, jack socket and switch all seemed of reasonable quality and certainly better than I'd expected for the price.

Then there was the soldering.:-

Without a doubt it was the most shocking (not literally) bit of soldering I've ever seen. It was like a blind, one armed monkey had thrown handfuls of hot silver gloop at the components and then stuck the wires on it. More surprising though is that it all works faultlessly without a crackle or hum to be heard. I guess I'll put it right eventually when I've got more time but it's OK for now, hey it may even be the definitive way to solder, what do I know?

Apart from that, and a sneaking suspicion that the tuners may not be as good as I initially thought, I'm still well pleased with it, love playing it, love the sound of it and would still recommend it. And I still don't know how they do it for the money.


Apologies to any blind, one armed monkeys who may read this. I didn't mean to be offensive to you, just don't solder my guitars.



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