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So recently my dad and i decided that the p_ups in my 07 les paul custom were not cutting it for a guitar like that. so we were looking into the p-94 black and gold bridge and something like a ’57 classic for the neck.. now i dont know if 57 classic is the best for the money. anyone have any good suggestions for me on a neck p_up? im also changing out the tuners and the pots i believe. also is there a better bridge then what comes standard on the epi les paul custom?


thanks for the help in advance!


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I can't comment on the pups, but I will offer up this regarding

the Bridge - Epi bridges are 7/16" wide. On the other hand,

Guitarfetish bridges are 9/16" wide. This allows more flexibility

when setting intonation without having to "flip" the bridge saddle

backwards to get that last little bit of travel if it just won't quite

intonate and you've run out of adjustment room.

After installing Guitarfetish Bridges on a few project gits, I find I'm

quite happy with them for that very reason. And for $14.95 (Gold),

or $12.95 (Chrome), it's not hard on the pocketbook. Just my opinion.


Link to Gold Bridge:



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Guest icantbuyafender
Guest icantbuyafender



That gotoh one here is a good one. I have one and love it.


I usually just buy graphtech string saver saddles and put them on the epiphone locktone bridges. The wilshire i use heavily has one of these though


Its built sooooo well. Intonation is excellent with it.

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