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Replacement On/Off switch for VJ


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I did an 18 watt conversion to my Valve Jr. and decided to do a low cost project using the leftover VJ parts. I have everything I need to complete the project except the on off switch. The stock switch has four terminals(two for Power Transformer leads and two for power supply leads.

Are the top terminals the same connection with two spade terminals and likewise for two bottom ones or is this two seperate switches in one body? IE can I hook both power suply leads to the same terminal on a single terminal switch and both transformer leads to the other?

If not where can I get a switch like the one in the stock VR. It doesn't have to be the exact switch just the same type circuit inside. Thanks as Always. David

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[biggrin] No! You're dealing with AC, and that's a DPST switch you're dealing with there. If you short the wrong wires together and plug it into the wall, you'll let the magic smoke out! You really only need to run the hot wire from the wall through the switch to one of the PT primary wires. The neutral can be connected directly to the other PT primary wire. But you really need a better grasp of what you're doing! Check the switch's operation thoroughly with a meter, first. And be darn sure you've selected the hot wire from the power cord jack if you wind up using a SPST power switch.


So far, I found only one other switch that would (almost) fit that hole, and I scavenged it out of a long dead portable battery pack. Obviously, it was a knockoff of a Chinese knockoff. Go figure!



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