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Sheraton Bridge Quest


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Recently I have noticed that one of the saddles on my Sheri rattles. I tighten it and then it works loose again to produce a annoying rattle. Upon the advice of smart folks on this forum I have explored two options.

1) get some loctite. Cheap and effective.

2) Purchase a tone pro or another bridge.


Here is the deal, after much research and advice. You cant find a bridge to fit a sheraton. Here what I have learned. Most are 73.8mm post to post. If fact I only found one that was adjustable to the 79mm that might fit. It is a roller bridge.

I checked other posts on this forum to get advice and reccomendations.


I think I will just try the loctite, but my curiosity and tenacity still has me wondering where the hell you can find a bridge for a 2008 Unsung Korean Epi Sheraton.

Not interested in overseas travel. If anyone out there can help, I would love the challenge.

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That was a problem with some of the older Sheratons. I'm not sure if there are any, which doesn't make sense. I know a few years ago there were a few here that bought that last few bridges they could find for the odd size older Sherrys. Someone on the forum might have one laying around - TWANG?

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That too has me stumpted. I bought this last August. With some advice form forum members, I tracked the the factory to Unsung Korea. My Sheri is a 2008. That is why I am thinking the only way to get a bridge for this is for me to go to Korea? Any forum members know where you can get a bridge that measures 78mm please let me know.


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Guest icantbuyafender

newer sherry's should have standard sized epiphone bridges...


its the older ones that were odd


what does it say stamped on the bottom of your bridge?


This may settle the buzz problem. And i have plenty of experience with these, since i like the locking epi bridges that they have been using. Put these on her: http://www.guitarelectronics.com/product/GTS8633/Graph_Tech_String_Saver_Saddle_Set_for_Epiphone_TuneOMatic_PS863300.html



In fact i just ordered 2 sets... for my wilshire and G400.


along with 2 tusq tremnut PT6060


My LPs have this combo and they ROCK



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