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Epiphone Dot Natural


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Hi I recently acquired an Epi Dot natural from a pawn shop.

It wasn't particularly a bargain but I am well pleased with it.





I have fitted some GFS Classic II pickups ( fairly pleased with these)

tidied up the wiring inside and levelled the already pretty level frets.




It has a one piece veneer on the front and back. Whilst it isnt the most impressive bit of wood in the world it

is quite large!


Are there other moderately priced guitars made from one piece ?


Just an idle thought which passed through my mind as I tried to get the pots back in their holes



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Most affordable laminate (plywood) semis are one continuous veneer on the top and back.


Epi does make a "flametop" version of the Dot which has a quasi-bookmatched top. I think it's easier/cheaper to have a single continuous veener than to try and bookmatch - you can cut the piece out virtually anywhere from the ply stock, as opposed to having to fit matched pieces over a base and gluing it.


Nice find BTW, and welcome to the forum orac.

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