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Parallel / series switches on Swingster


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Guest icantbuyafender
Why did Epi offer parallel / series as the pickup switch options on the new Emperor Swingster?

As opposed to humbucker / single coil' date=' which I would have thought was more common, and more versatile.

Too much hum? (Extra shielding would be more expensive?)[/quote']


My thoughts exactly.


I like single coil switching. It seems more of a useful choice.

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There's things like copper and aluminium tape.

But quite a few full hollowbody guitars have P90s' date=' so somebody would have had to put some thought into it. Perhaps a more elaborate wiring, with ground wires running everywhere, might help things?[/quote']



For those who don't know, Muzikron is a proffesional guitar tech. He sees these things all the time,

and I trust his opinions.

As the pickup routs in a hollow body have no bottom, it is impossible to shield using tape or foil.

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Yea, you basically make sure you use good wire and install the harness in the guitar carefully. There is no way to shiel the control cavity, which is the main part of the guitar that needs shielding, though when I charge clients to shield their guitars I shield the PU cavities as well, just for placebo effect more than anything else. I got tired of explaining how the magnetic field of the pickup negates the shielding in that area for the most part, now I just do it if I have access to it.

But on hollow or semi hollow, there is no way to do it. Unless you wanted to get either REAL fancy (remove the top, binding etc, then shield, then replace) or real messy (pour a bunch of shielding paint into the guitar and slosh it around until the cavity is coated, please don't do this.)

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