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2-Button Footswitch Rewiring

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I have the Epiphone 2-button footswitch that goes with the BC30 and So-Cal but it stopped switching channels so I'm rebuilding it. Once I had the cable cut off, I was making sure I had the right tip-ring-sleeve wire colors figured out when I noticed that the ring and sleeve seem to be connected, or at least poorly isolated from one another. Just to verify, that's not by design, right?


With the cable cut off from the footswitch, I was testing the resistance between the connections on the jack and the wires on the other end of the cable. When I test the resistance between one wire and the sleeve, I get nearly 0 ohms. When I test the resistance between that same wire and the ring, I get about 2.5 ohms. Similarly, I get 0 ohms between the ring and another wire, and about 2.5 ohms between that wire and the sleeve. [biggrin] But the tip and the "clear" wire are completely isolated from the other two connections/wires. Maybe this was the cause of the problem in the first place. Maybe a new cable would solve all my problems.



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