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hi everyone,


i'm thinking of purchasing this bass and wondered if anyone has had any experience with it. I have been playing on my dad's Gibson late 70s bass which is amazing but I'm kind-of scared taking it out to gigs etc so considering getting a new bass which isn't as valuable! do any of you play this bass? any pros/cons?





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Hi Laura


I tried the Les Paul bass out at my local dealer and, although it was quite nice to play, I thought it was a bit neck heavy and the sound seemed to fall between two camps being neither Gibson or Fender. That may of course be the sound you're after but, for me, I thought that the Epiphone EB-3 gave me more of the sound and feel that I would expect from a Gibson style bass for the same price. Actually for even less money I thought that the EB-0 was pretty decent and it was nice to play a short scale bass again. They were all pretty good in their own way but I think I'll probably get the EB-3.



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