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Can't order the Texan on Thomann?!


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I just checked out Thomann and can't find the Inspired By Texan in Antique Natural anymore?! [confused]


I ordered one a couple of weeks ago, does that mean they're not getting any anymore? I'd be devastated if that was the case! [crying]


here's the link...







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The link doesn't work.........


Seems to me thomann thinned out the Epi-items

they actually show 117 E-guitars' date=' some days ago there has been about 150

actually they don't have an EJ-160 shown.......


I'm sure you'll get a mail if the texan isn't available




Hey Peter, I just got a message from Thomann saying, that they'll recieve some new texans in the beginning of january (new year, new guitar, yay) and that they'll put it back up then...


I guess I can relax for now and be a proud 'soon-to-be' owner of an Antique Natural Texan...



I'll post pics as soon as the 'babey' has arrived! HOW EXCITING! WEEEEEHEEEEEE!!!

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