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Wildkat colours


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Hi all,


I'm in the process of tracking down or pre-ordering a Wildkat, and I've spent a while trying to find all the colours that it was produced in, or is being produced in. So far I've found Translucent Black, Antique Natural, Turquoise, ltd ed Metallic Red, ltd ed Translucent White (with gold hardware). I've seen one picture on this forum of a special Tigerstripe coloured one, which I haven't found anywhere else, and have discovered that a Sunrise Orange version will be released next year. I've slo seen a picture of a Pink(!) one on the Internet!


Is that all of the colours? Are there any other ones I haven't seen yet?



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Hey Spyke' date=' I think your list is complete. I've seen the pink one too, but I thought it was a one-off custom finish for Miranda Lambert:




Swoop on this forum has the tiger stripe, it's the only one I've ever seen.[/quote']


If I am the Swoop you are referring to, then you are sadly mistaken, I don't have any Wildkat!

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Yep that would be mine for sale. You wont find a new one as nice as this one.


The case is an Epi made for the Kat also and is also in like new condition




Damn, sledge ...... every time I see yer 'Kat, all I can say is damn.... sorry to hear it's up for sale, wish I had the cashish to grab it ..... it speaks to me, dagnabbit !!!

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