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Anyone play one of those Gibson 330l's??


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Yes, I have played on, in a store. Great! The Casino is an excellent guitar, as we all know. The Gibson ES-330L, is much like it, but with the longer neck joint, it allows better upper fret access (like a 335, in that respect). It was nicely finished and appointed. The one I played had a really nice neck...not too fat, not too slim, but "just right!" (Your experience/preferences, may vary?) I couldn't really "crank it up," through the HR Deluxe I was plugged into, in the store....buit, it sounded great, at moderate volume. There was a bit of slight "orange peel" on the sides of the headstock, which seems to be all too common, as I see that a lot, on Gibson's, save maybe the CS stuff?! But, othewise, in all the other areas, the finish was excellent. The Nitro finish, and neck joint location, would be the biggest difference, from the "Elitist" Casino. The ES-330L is a Great Guitar! I trust, that Gibson has rectified the neck joint weakness, in this model, from the earlier '60's editions. They had a well known tendency, to loosen and/or break, there, having no center block to anchor to, etc. But, the one I played (a blue one) seemed very "solid," and strong. So...???



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