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What's the difference between....


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hey thanks for the link, it helped a lot

so now I know the main difference is really the mini humbuckers

I'm not sure if they would be better or worse than normal humbuckers for me, since I play a lot of rock (most punk) as well as ska and sometimes a little reggae/dub (as well as many of styles, but those are the major ones). Opinions?

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Hey Max,

Well I was looking at the studio deluxe on musician's friend


and it actually says "Alnico Classic Plus humbucking pickups" so maybe the Studio Deluxes reviewed in Justadennis's link were older models...maybe

Or maybe alnico humbuckers are a type of mini humbuckers, I'm not very savvy when it comes to technicalities lol

The guitar is also available on music123.com, just dearch Epiphone Les Paul Limited Edition Studio Deluxe

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Guest icantbuyafender

only difference is the body/neck binding and the hardware being gold


standards use chrome, and have body and neck binding while studio and studio deluxes do not, yet feature gold hardware.

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