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so one day you are riding your bike to work, and you notice a feable old man playing guitar. you ride up and watch him, and you notice, he is playing a VINTAGe BURST!!! you are filled with envy. you HAVE to have that guitar. you realize you could STEAL it from him. [-X


yes you could, and you could get away with it, and play it until you die and never need a les paul again. c'mon rock and roll aint about fallowing the rules right?


so i pose the question, if you knew you could get away with it, would you do something illegal to get a vintage burst?


of couse this is a totally random question, but how far would you go to have the last guitar you would ever need

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I was in a guitar store 'Guitarguitar', Glasgow. One of the salesmen in there was telling me about a scruffy old man (in his late 60's) about 5' tall wearng a scruffy old coat with a tatty tartan flat cap on his head who came into the shop inquiring about a recording device to replace his old one, he also had his dog, a Scotty Terrier, with him.


He asked was about what he liked to play...'Kinks, Stones etc' and how long he'd been playing...'45 years or so'.


Then he was asked about what instrument he played on...'electric guitar you know'.


'What kind of electric guitar'...


'Les Paul'.


What make is it...is it one of those Hondo copies (the sales man thought he'd sized this scuffy old man up and could imagine a naff Les Paul copy with strings so high you could limbo dance under them, ...


'it's a Les Paul' the old man asserted.


What make of Les Paul is it?...


'Gibson...' the old man replied as if the question was a bit retarded.


'A Gibson Les Paul eh...is it a Studio or a Special?'...


'No it's a Standard'...


hmmm. 'what kind of Standard?'


'A 1959 model...'


'Wow is it one of the reissues?'


'NO, I bought it in 1959...it is original, a Cherry Burst, I have the receipt!!!..............


There was now a dramatic pause, the salesman told me he nearly keeled over...


'Do you know how much it is worth?'


'Must be a few bob I suppose' the old man replied.


'How about a 6 figure sum!!!'


The old man didn't take long to respond, he wasn't stunned into oblivion, he didn't look as if someone had told him he'd won the euro lottery, he just said quite calmly...


'Oh well, I expect she will enjoy that when I'm gone...' his aged wife walked up to him after entering the shop, she looked as old and scruffy as him but you could tell they were life long companions.


The old man decided that technology had moved on too much for him to try and get to grips with a digital recorder, said goodbye and trudged out of the shop with his little dog and wife.


The salesman had to take a break at this point.


This is a true story.


No I wouldn't ever dream of stealing from an old man, even if it seemed that he didn't value the guitar as we could only dream of!

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I would become friends with this man and then go and jam with him every morning before work.


This is the voice of wisdom. Make friends with the gent, jam with him, he would adopt you as his son and bequeath you the guitar, you would live on in peace with a beautiful inheritance (Vintage Les Paul) and a good conscience!

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I voted do nothing... cuz it'd always be in the back of my mind, but I wouldn't because I have too much respect for my elders...sorry it's just the way I was brought up, but I'd probably just be envious, would never steal something like that. Not to mention with my schitty luck, I'd probably get caught.

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I would invite him to live at some spare room in my house till he dies and leaves it to me...


Thats if he was and old man that looked like he would pass away in a couple of months...


If it was one of you 14 year olds... I would take it from you with extreme prejudice. O:)

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I'd have to enjoy it with him' date=' listen to him play, find out how and when he got it... I bet and old man with a wicked guitar has a million stories to tell.... [/quote']


+1 Besides, character is what you do when no one is looking. If he needed a place to stay and wasn't an axe murderer ('cuz we all love AXE) I'd hook him up.

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