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Thawk Dean

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A few months ago I bought my one and only guitar when I started this new hobby. At that time I asked for information on this git. I found out on the dating site (s/n 106021) that it was manufactured in June of 1991 in Korea. I also asked for information on this site. Someone was nice enough to give me more information as to msrp back in 1992 as well as other tidbits. Being 60 years old and having a "senior" memory, I don't recall any of the other information. I've tried to look back on the thread on this site, but I believe it was before a bunch of information was lost due to an outage (squirel got fried on a wire) last June(?). I'm putting together a "fact sheet" on this git and would like to know more about it: msrp, construction, woods used, scale, etc. I see that Laurens has been able to post old catalog pages. If someone knows how I can get that information as well, I'd be REALLY happy.


BTW, I love this git. As a newbie of less than a year, it is everything I expeted it would be when I bought it. I'm impressed enough with it that I'm already looking toward my next Epi git. I would like to get a smaller PARLOR size (EL-00) as a "traveler". The only thing I'd change is the heavy neck. My coach's Martin and Gibson are much lighter.


Thanks in advance,



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