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Epi SG Junior P90 question


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I just picked up another Epiphone SG Junior with dog ear P90. I noticed some little differences comparing it to the one I bought 6 months ago. The first thing I noticed was it has NO SERIAL NUMBER!!! There is the round sticker on back of headstock. But no number. My other SG junior has serial number on the metal plate that bolts neck onto body. Also I noticed that top bevel on guitar, the edge that, when holding it, is closest to you chest area is narrower than my other sg's bevel. And it looks like the NECK was replaced because there's a scuff mark on back where neck meets pocket. But guitar is a real nice player and sounds good. The finish on the guitar I bought yesterday is much nicer than my other one.....some of the Epi SG's have that striping goin' on on the finish on front. This other guitar is a deeper cherry color with no striping and a shinier coat. I am wondering if the neck is an Epi neck and the body is something else???? I will post some pictures tonight comparing the 2 guitars. So I have a guitar with a neck with no serial number, and a body who's finish does not resemble any Epi SG juniors I have ever seen. Maybe the serial number was on the ORIGINAL metal chrome plate and if and when neck was replaced, they used a PLAIN metal plate with nothing on it. But to close your eyes and play it you would swear it was a Gibson. Neck is straight. and guitar has replacement Grover tuners. Overall condition is very good, minimal scratches, nice shiny finish. I am thinking this is an Epiphone neck on some other body from another company????? [blink]

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