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Just Scored a Pair of Nickel Gibby '57 Classics - Cheap

5er driver

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I just scored a pair of nickel '57 Classics on the fleabay. Seller is selling them in sets of 2, says they are new, and come with 2 black pup rings and 2 cream pup rings...for $128.00. As I post this he still has 2 sets left, the auction goes until 13 December. I don't know if I'm allowed to post the fleabay link, if not, mods please delete this thread. I'm not affiliated with the seller but thought I'd share this info with my Epi friends, someone might want a set. They look legit, I hope it's not a rip off. I payed with PayPal so if anything turns up screwy I can retaliate.


LINK: Gibson '57 Classics

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