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Which Casino is worth the money?


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I am in awe of the mystic revolving around the Epiphone Casino.


I was just wondering which Epiphone Casino was worth my money:


Here are my options:


Inspired by Lennon:




Endorsed by Lennon:




Elite Casinos:



Regular Casinos:



Anybody like these Lennon inspired epis?





Where is the best place online to buy a guitar like this?

Or brick an mortar store in the SF bay area.




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They're ALL "worth the money!" It really depends on your "budget," needs/desires/requirements.

The actual "Lennon" USA Casino's will be the closest to the vintage American Kalamazoo versions,

in terms of sound. "Beatle" tones, they can all produce. That's more a matter of technique and amp

settings, than just buying/having a Casino.


The IBJL versions and the "Elitist" would be the "next best" thing, IMHO. The "Standard" versions

are fine, especially for their price points. But, the electronics and metal parts on the Elitist, the actual

"Lennon" and Inspired by Lennon versions are USA...so, they'll be closer. If you replace the saddles

on the Elitist and IBJL, they should be even closer, to the actual Lennon versions, save the Nitro finish.


ALL are great guitars! Try them all out, see which one does it, for you...that's really the only way to know!

Besides, that's half the fun....trying them all out! ;>) Good Luck!



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narc999, both Guitar Center and Best Buy stores usually have at least the regular Casinos in stock, sometimes one of the Lennons as well. The San Jose stores near you would be worth checking out. In San Francisco, Haight-Ashbury Music Center would be my recommendation, although some of the smaller guitar stores may have one of the higher-end models, or even a used Elitist or Kalamazoo.

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Hi Narc999,I have a 1965 John Lennon Casino(not the inspired by)a natural Casino(MIC) and an EJ160E.The 1965 is a dead ringer for John's original when played through an AC15 or 30 or a Fender Twin,it has the same sparkle and jangle that the original and of my 24 guitars it's byfar the most comfortable to play in fact it's my favourite guitar,it is well worth the price.The materials and build quality and finish are astounding.The MIC Casino although not up to the quality of the 1965 is a great guitar for the price,I've heard people dismiss them as junk but mine is of excellent quality and sounds like a Casino should but doesn't ring as clear as the 1965.The EJ160E is also MIC but it also is very well made and sounds just as good,even better in some cases,as guitars costing hundreds more.You can get the Beatle vibe plugged in or acoustic.When I got mine first i played I'll be Back acoustically and I Feel Fine plugged in and acually got goosebumps the sound was so close to the original.I know a lot of MIC guitars have problems with quality but I haven't found any flaws at all in mine.It seems the dealer I buy from(Reid Music in Mount Pearl NL Canada)only gets in the very best of Eppy models even the MICs are consistantly great.I guess I've been lucky.


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