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SG "Express"...when and where can I get one?!?!?


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I wanna' get one of the SG "Express" short-scale models for my kid (who's not even 3 and already showing immense interest in carrying the torch...awesome!) so that when he's a little older he'll be able to have his own smaller-sized instrument. Problem is I can't find one of these available anywhere. Are they not "officially" out yet? They were announced back in August, so I had figured by now they'd be all over the place. Anyone know where they're in stock?





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hbomb76 ,

What you want to do is go to epiphone.com (home page). On the right, where it lists the different model guitars, click on SG Express. It will than ask you what you want to do at the bottom of the screen. On the left, click on "Buy Now". It will than help you find a dealer for whatever state you are living in.


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