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Epiphone EJ-200 help


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So basically I'm looking into getting this guitar off ebay, but was wondering whether they look alright:


He gave me this as the serial to the guitar and said it was made in Korea. (S 0008013)

Although it doesn't come up in the dater project, the pictures seem okay. I've asked him for one of the serial, waiting for a response atm.



He also provided these pics:







I don't have much information on the second seller as it's just came on.

I can get more information - hopefully - if needed.


Thanks for reading.

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You should contact the seller and see if you can arrange to come play it. That's the only way to tell if its any good or not. I have an old Gibson J-35 that looks GREAT in pics, but you strum that thing or look at the neck, and you wanna puke. (it needs a neck reset and I just don't have the time to fix my guitars, I'm too busy fixing up everyone else!)

Seeing as how its pickup only, he ought to let you come look at it.

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Well I actually live at least 350miles or so away from him haha, so that's probably not an option at the moment. Also he says he will ship it out to me if I were to win the auction


What about the second one? So far it looks alright for me, are there any questions I should ask him? He seems to have already answered most in the description.


As for both guitars, I'm probably going to clean them and replace the strings plus a set up from my local guitar store. Another thing thats bugging me is whether they are legit, there's loads of fake epiphone electrics on ebay, but I can't tell with acoustics nor can I find someone who can hah.


Thanks for the quick reply

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