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Well... HNGD(X2)


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I reached an agreement with an ol' boy down in South Texas on

this 2K7 Epi LP Cstm Nat. It's a "project" piece and lookin' forward

to it rollin' in here to West Texas. Made an offer, Haggled back and

forth a little bit and I pulled the trigger on 'er...[biggrin]

I guess technically speakin', This didn't happen the same day as

the new"er" Epi "exotic". Too close to call...[biggrin]


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Guest icantbuyafender

Oh my god.


That is my favorite finish.


Antique white.


I remember when Musiciansfriend had them on sale like 4 years ago.


That is how a white custom should look.


Good Job.

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Man, What a weird deal! I've been out of pocket this past week

and prior to headin' out for New Mexico for work, I made arrangements

with another guy I work with to take care of this krazybay for me while

I was out of town. I get back in late yesterday evening to find an

message via krazybay... The guy tells me after we agreed on a price..?*(B.I.N.)*

That he had sold it locally for cash..? The stupid part of it is, He showed

payment recieved- Pos feedback, etc Yet he sold the thing locally..?

Sooooooooo, Guess I was lyin' to ya'... I DO NOT have another friggin'

LP..? That's why I call it KRAZYBAY!!! I dunno... Strange individual!!

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