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Help to Identify my Epiphone serial number please


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been looking around and have not been able to decipher the serial number

has a japan sticker serial number is 1142454 (no letters before it) any help would be appreciated thanks!


Without more info like the model # it's difficult, but I'm assuming it's an older Matsumoku made Epi. The problem is that most of the Japanese Epis have no rhyme or reason to the serial numbers, they're just random. If you post some pictures or let us know the model #, we might be able to help you ascertain the approximate age of the instrument.

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i believe it is a crestwood' date=' i will post pictures shortly thanks!



The MIJ Crestwoods were made by Matsumoku from 1971 - 1979. Most had bolt-on necks. To break it down a bit more for you:


ET-275 & ET-278 Crestwoods were manufactured 1971-1975. The 275 was Sunburst and the 278 was Ebony.


The ET-276 manufactured 1976-1979 and was available in Mahogany finish.


The ET-290 was a set neck version made from 1976-1979 and was Cherry Sunburst. There was also an ET-290N with a natural finished maple body and a maple fretboard.


There might be variations, but this should help you. Actually, I believe the ET-290s were actually neck thru construction, I had the natural finish bass version.



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