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Bigsby on Epiphone LP 100


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Hi.. how y'all doin?


I want to install a Bigsby vibrato to Epiphone Les Paul 100.

But i kinda wondering, what is the one that suits this LP..

Which series?? B3? B7?


And, is it possible to be installed by my own?

means just with a screw driver, no drilling takes place..

Or i MUST drill?


Thanks for helping

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You can put a b70 on it.

You're going to have to spend a lot more.. vibramate..

or drill a hole.

with an lp 100, frankly, not drilling a hole is sort of pointless.. the bigs will fit better look better

and cost less and it increase not decrease the value of the guitar.

when you do drill put a piece of masking tape up the drill bit so when you drill down to the tape you know you are deep enough.


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Thanks for the responses..


I dont really like B5's shape.. i like one with the tail.. the long shape one..


I dont mind spending Bigs on my Epi LP 100, since i like to have Bigs on it..


I Like Bigs B7 and B70..

Both could fit in Epi LP 100 right?


But the problem is that, is it a MUST to drill?

And if i must drill, what is the size of the drilling "needle".

And how many hole must i drill?




One more thing,.. About Vibramate and Bigsby.. Is it the same device? same company?

Or like 2 different thing? Which one is better, price-wise and when it is uses-wise..




Thanks a lot

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One thing, the B70 won't cover the tailpiece holes completely, that may or may not bother you. If you put a B70 on, YES, you will need to drill 4 holes. Here is a video to show you how to mount a B70. One thing though, make sure the end pin is centered. They sometimes are not.



Vibramate and Bigsy are different companies. I have purchased three B-70s on E-bay for about $80 plus shipping and installed them on a Dot, Sheraton and Agile AL-3100, LP clone. I would recommend a roller bridge as well. I have used the Wilkinson roller bridge on all three of the guitars I have with B-70s and really like them.

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Hm... What do u mean about "Won't cover the tailpiece holes?"


I just browsed and realizes that Vibramate V7 can be united with B7.. No drilling required.

Here for details: http://www.vibramate.com/images/Vibramate-V7-LP-Install.pdf


THis is a much simpler solution i suppose, because to be honest, i kinda dont want to do any drilling.


But, is it only for B7 or B70 as well..


I'm looking for B7 from eBay and its kinda expensive.. Since y'all experts in this, what is the range price from B7 and B70?

Like $50 - $90 for B7?? Or..?

FYI, i'm in Sydney Australia.. So when you say $, is it US or?



Another thing that make me wonder is that when jcwillow777 said "the B70 won't cover the tailpiece holes completely"..




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No drilling for a Vibramate and B7 and you don't have to worry about the tailpiece holes showing. That is only if you aren't using a Vibramate. Twang put a B70 or B7 on his LP and custom made some covers for his holes.


Notice the holes showing, these are not my guitars:






I'm pretty sure you can only use B5s or B7s with Vibramates, not B50s or B70s. That's what they told me when I was thinking about getting one a couple of years ago. I haven't priced out a B7 in a long time, I'm gonna guess $135 plus shipping, maybe more. Then the Vibramate, not sure how much they cost for the B7. I'm gonna guess you could easily have $200 into this.

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Great.. I think i'll go with Vibramate + Bigs.. I want no extra holes in my LP.. huhu


I just wanna make sure that:


B7 Has a larger hole for the bottom part of the guitar (for the strap). Right?

B70, is smaller.. is it right?


If you want, you could help me by checking this we:



The Info says that it is B7.. but the photo seems to be B70..

Am i right?


And i Only can use VIbramate V7 with B7, can't i?




ABout that Blue LP.. i cant see the hole.. can u like mark it?

Circle it with like for example Paint program?


I'm so sorry i asked lots of questions..



Thank You

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I think at this point I have to suggest you support your local repairman. If you don't locate the bigs in precisely the right spot it won't work right. Do you know exactly how everything needs to line up?


B70 $100-175

B7 $150-250

B5 (the one you need to use, the others are for arch-top guitars and won't line up right) $125-$225


Bigsbys are temperamental, take it to a pro or you may regret it.

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I'm not gonna say it won't work at all, but the end of the B7 will stick up kind of high. The B-70 that I have on my Agile AL-3100 is a little high, but not too bad. The end of the B70 doesn't quit come flush with the body on the guitar, so it would stick up a little, and it could affect the Bigsby to the negative. I'm not an expert when it comes to Bigsbys. Call a local guitar shop and talk to the tech. If he says no, maybe get an LP studio and do it.


I don't think the B5 looks that bad. Here are a couple of picks. There were factory installs on a couple of Epis that someone on the old forum owned. One plus to the B5/B50, you can mount it a little further back and get a get a better feel with the Bigsby than the B7/B70 will give you, on an LP. That is only if you DON'T use the Vibramate.





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Actually yes.. it aint that bad lookin..

Thanks for the effort = )


Hm.. Vibramate + B5 is perfect for Epi LP 100? Or just B5 is enough?

Still once again, i'm still talking about no drilling


If i want to use no vibramate.. i must do the drilling, mustn't i?




By the way, jcwillow777, do u have msn? i think its easier to talk via msn messenger..

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I dunno, I thought the 100 was a bolt on flat top??

I don't really see any of those ever so I could be mistaken. Either way B5 if flat, 7 or 70 of arch.


The vibramate should work for testing the waters, but I suspect it robs tone and sustain due to bad coupling to the guitar. There is a reason they don't just make a bigs that will drop onto gibby posts.

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Turns out Epi LP 100 is a arch top or should i say its not flat.

i.e The bridge or pickups area is taller than the Volume knob..

Does it mean that it is NOT flat?


Just FYI, i bought this LP online, thus i didn't know until when it is delivered, which is just now..


Anyway, if it is NOT flat, do Vibramate V7 + Bigsby B7 suit this Epi LP 100?



Thanks.. You all have been really helpful


= D

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Yes in fact..

I didnt know that Carved top means Arch-top..


SO does this conclude that Vibramate V7 + Bigsby B7 suit this Epi LP 100?


And about the Hard Case, turns out my Ibanez-fit hard case doesnt fit Epi LP 100..


Any suggestion for a cheap (reasonable price) but good hard case? Probably with a dark blue "carpet" filling..

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Sounds like an carved top to me. Vibramate V7 + Bigsby B7 should work. I haven't seen the Vibramate for a B7, I'll have to check one out.


Show us pics when it's done.


Any LP style case should work. After you mount the B7, turn the handle toward the strap pin and the case will close. Epi cases are very nice, I think they are about $70 in the States. You can always look for a used case.

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THis is the photo of the Epi LP 100 that just arrived.. Its a curve to me..

Isn't it guys?



Hm.. Epi Case?


Do u know the series name? For the one that fit an Epi LP 100 with Bigsby B7?


For instance, Ashton APC-E Electric Guitar Cases (Rectangular Electric)




When u said "turn the handle toward the strap", does it look like



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Ohh.. My photo of black LP shows almost directly to the end pin, right..?







I'll upload the photo when the B7 and Vibramate is here.. & i'll upload the final photo when they're all attached on my LP.


About the hard case that fit LP w/ V7, any names?


So i can give it a search.. I think i need it quite soon.. Since the weather is unpredictable here, and might give a bad impact on a uncased guitar.

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