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gothic explorer questions


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noob here. been lurking for a while, and thought i had a few posts here. but i guess i don't. oh well.


i have a couple of questions about the gothic explorer. first of all, where would be a better place to put a strap peg to keep the guitar from neck diving so much?


secondly, i'm thinking about changing pickups. the current pups are the h6 and hb8. the main reason for the change, neither pickup cleans up very well when i roll off the volume. they both get real muddy at a lower volume. just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a decent, lower priced pickup.


i have been playing off and on for over thirty years, and this is one of the "nicer" guitars that i have owned. i play anything from late 60's rock to current, and everything in between.


any advice will be greatly appreciated!

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I really don't have that bad of a problem with the neck dive of the Explorer. The traditional spot to "fix" the neck dive is to move it to the heel, but I'm unconvinced that it's any better than before.[cool]


Try a pickup from GFS ( http://store.guitarfetish.com/ ). They're the best bang for the buck pickups out there. I've always gotten nice clear low volume output from my Gibson ceramic magnet pups in my (currently broken) Epi LP Custom, so maybe a pickup w/ ceramic magnets?

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Another Goth Explorer owner! +1 for the club! Here's where I stuck my strap button:




I can say it definitely does improve the stability of it. It sits quite easily now, whereas it used to experience China syndrome as soon as I took my left hand away..


As for pickups, I have no problems with the stockies in mine, but I can also recommend GFS Loudmouth pickups since you want a change, I have a set in my strat and they sing beautiful cleans and break balls when distorted.

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